EOS Cafe is a network of people who love coffee, crypto, and freedom.

The BEAN token incentivises growth in our network and enables the exchange of value between members.

Our simple enterprise staking contract allows anyone from any part of earth to start an enterprise and earn BEAN tokens based on the value they provide to our members.


The BEAN token economy is comprised of distributed and independent enterprises that voluntarily agree to accept the BEAN token as payment for goods and services.

The BEAN Token
The purpose of the BEAN token is to incentivise the creation and expansion of the Bean token economy, including EOS Cafe locations in the real world for our members to enjoy…
‘Coffee Perks’
Each participating enterprise in the BEAN token economy chooses how many BEAN tokens it will take to stake, and also what goods and services that they will trade in exchange…
The Enterprise Staking Contract (draft)
To start up an enterprise a founder must (1) state their value proposition, (2) sign the following contract, and (3) get a minimum of 10,000,000 BEAN tokens staked to their enterprise account for a minimum of 30 days.

Our Partners

Our Team

Troi Bryan
Teddy Kim
Technical Adviser
Jason McKee
Jana Schiffer
Partnership Coordinator
Samuel Seo
Community Manager
Yong-Hwan Choi
Legal Manager
Hark Kim
Head of Dapp development
Taehoon Lee
UI/UX Designer
Chen Park
Community Manager
Graphic Designer
Quoc Le
Head of blockchain development

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