Hello – my name is Troi Bryan and I am a holder of EOS tokens with a mission to use them to improve myself and improve the world.

I started the eos.cafe to exchange ideas with other people who are excited about building nifty new technologies on the EOS blockchain which will enable humans to interact in peace and prosperity.

I am astounded at the long list of known distributed applications that teams are already constructing to launch on the virgin EOS blockchain in June.

Projects such as Everipedia, SFEOS, and EOSFinex to name a few.

I humbly submit to you, dear reader, the eos.cafe, to this list of lofty ambitions.

The eos.cafe is a DAC – owned and guided by it’s token holders.

There are two components / stages to our DAC – which will be referred to in this presentation as the ‘Digital Stage’ and the ‘Meatspace Stage’.

Digital Stage: objective is to build a digital network of 100,000+ individuals collaborating on a our eos.cafe discord server.

As ‘steemit’ like platforms are built and launched on the EOS blockchain, eos.cafe members will utilize them to collaborate also.

We start today on Discord -> https://discord.gg/hWfFbGG

You’ll might want the Discord App

Meatspace Stage: objective is to build a chain of coffee shops / hackerspaces which are owned by the eos.cafe DAC.

Starbucks Inc. has 27,000+ locations around the world and a market cap of 77 billion usd.

I think that 27+ eos.cafe locations in the coolest cities on earth and a market cap of 10 billion beans would be a success.

So what I am proposing is the first brick and mortar enterprise that is 100% owned and guided by crypto token holders.

Our tokens are called BEANS – obviously. :/



eos.cafe is a DAC owned and guided by individuals who hold BEANS.

There will be 10 billion BEANS.

Right now there is only one way to earn BEANS…

…become a member of our discord server.

The first 100,000 members will each receive a reward of 1000 BEANS.

1000 Beans Tokens for FREE?

TINSTAAFL my friends. Naturally, restrictions apply.

  • you must be a member of the discord server for a least 1 month…
  • without being banned for being a jerk – ‘jerk’ defined on discord server.
  • you must interact with at least 20 authentic comments
  • you must have a wallet with a least 2 EOS tokens in it.

So 100,000 members X 1000 BEANS tokens = 1 billion beans tokens for you who help make the eos.cafe discord server the greatest server on discord. Cool beans… :/

Airdrop: 1 billion BEANS will be distributed to EOS token holders after the EOS blockchain launches on a 1 to 1 basis. Yup. True.

This means that block.one will also get 100,000,000 BEANS which is cool because I hope that block.one will fund us with $500,000 startup capital. :/

And it also means that if you Sir, who hold 10,000 EOS tokens (huba huba) will get 10,000 BEANS.

‘Nerd-drop’: a second airdrop may be required to maximize distribution to a specific demographic that we desire to attract into eos.cafe culture.

For instance, BEANS tokens may be nerd-dropped on the 1,000,000 most active github accounts. What do you think?

Bounties: A large number of tokens will be used to encourage the community members to build eos.cafe.

There are 1000+ tasks that need doing for sure. Tasks like producing live content for our discord server, to moderating the discussion, to marketting, to scouting out locations for the next eos.cafe!

Customer Acquisition: A large number of BEANS tokens will be used to reward and acquire new customers.

For instance… a girl walks into an eos.cafe and orders a coffee. She walks out. THen she notices on her desk 30 minutes later the code on the cup. She scans it and blip… she’s a BEANS token holder too.

Now her interests are more in line with eos.cafe than they are with Starbucks.

Locations: Some BEANS tokens may be used to acquire new locations.

This won’t happen unless BEANS are worth something. I am not sure if eos.cafe will be in the real-estate business too or if it will just lease spaces from landlords.

Culture: Some Beans tokens may be used to maintain our culture by funding events or projects that the community votes to do.

This is the coolest part. What do you think that eos.cafe should sponsor?

Founders: 10% of BEANS will be distributed to the 10 (+/- 3) most essential individuals who build eos.cafe – the defacto founders.

Although eos.cafe is a DAC, the 80/20 principle dictates that there will be a vital few who’s actions toward the common achievement were essential.

Co-founders wanted: email steemshark@gmail.com

Warning: BEANS are NOT an investment.

It is important to note that eos.cafe will never sell BEANS and that any such sale must be looked upon as a SCAM.

Trading of BEANS will take place on various exchanges in the future.

Subjective Value: BEANS have only ‘subjective value’. One day this subjective value may equate to $0.05 per token. One day it may equate to ZERO. We do not promise anything.

BEANS are a utility token that may represent property and voting rights in the eos.cafe DAC (decentralized autonomous community) to the full extent that can be practically exercised in an un-free world.

eos.cafe DAC is not yet a legal entity.

eos.cafe DAC does not currently own any real world physical property.

eos.cafe DAC does not own the eos.cafe discord server.

eos.cafe DAC does not own anything.

BEANS tokens do not have any value. ZERO.

BEANS tokens are not a prudent investment.

BEANS tokens are not a security.


Do NOT promote BEANS as an investment or security.

BEANS tokens are a representation of the holder’s stake in a decentralized autonomous community called the eos.cafe DAC. That is all.


Digital Space

Populating the eos.cafe discord server is our first and essential endeavor.

To achieve this we’re going to have to promote it well…

… and make sure the eos.cafe is a fun and useful place to pass some time.

Creating a ‘fun and useful’ atmosphere is the primary job of our eos.cafe hosts.

Hosts homestead 30 minute time slots on the discord server and do some self promotion to attract new participants to the eos.cafe.

We appreciate that the EOS community is international – so off the start we’ll be starting with voice and chat channels in 9 different languages; English, German, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish and French.

As of now, we are actively recruiting hosts and chat moderators in all 9 languages.

Hosts don’t have to be experts in EOS or Smart Contracts – hosts just have to be honest people with a passion for EOS.

If you are interested in doing either job – don’t hesitate to contact us.

Hopefully we can recruit 200+ eos.cafe hosts and have live discussions about EOS going round the clock – around the world!

Use your imagination for what type of show that you’ll want to host.

You’ll be able to use your show to promote your own EOS related project AND you’ll get paid in BEANS for every quality show that you do.

Some people, like myself, find it hard to speak in public. But the eos.cafe will be easy to speak in because there can be others who interject comments or ask questions. So your show does not have to be a 30 minute monolog that takes a lot of preparation time. No, your show can be a conversation.

200 Hosts with 200 Twitter or Reddit or Instagram accounts all promoting their shows = growth for the eos.cafe Decentralized Autonomous Community. Yup!

Let’s say that 100,000+ rational humans become inhabitants of eos.cafe… that’s a lot of faces hey – considering that our monkey minds can’t really know more than 150 people at one time. (see Dunbar Number)

So it makes sense, for a community this large, to establish some cultural wide axioms that we all agree to live by.

I note that eos.io is working on a constitution and I suspect that our eos.cafe culture will mesh congruently with that.

A tribe of arbitrators / moderators will make sure that everyone respects each other’s legitimate rights on the server. These arbitrators will be paid in BEANS.

Hosts, as I mentioned above will also be paid in BEANS.

We may also create a BEANS Tipper in the discord server for members to be able to bestow upon each other gifts of BEANS in exchange for helpful or humorous comments.


The eos.cafe physical properties will need a lot more planning.

I am thinking of coffee shops with hackerspaces. Great wi-fi and comfortable seating.

What features would you want to see added? Let’s discuss it right now in the eos.cafe discord server.


Schedules of Upcoming shows will be updated as awesome new hosts are recruited.

  • English #1 Channel: Schedule
  • German Channel: Hosts Wanted
  • Dutch Channel: Hosts Wanted
  • Russian Channel: Hosts Wanted
  • Chinese Channel: Hosts Wanted
  • Korean Channel: Hosts Wanted
  • Japanese Channel: Hosts Wanted
  • Spanish Channel: Hosts Wanted
  • French Channel: Hosts Wanted
  • English #2 Channel: Hosts Wanted

The eos.cafe is looking for people from all over the world to become hosts.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak English because you can do your show in the language that you know!

We are also looking for translations of this website + there are many other tasks to do in which you can earn BEANS tokens.


Hey – my name is Troi Bryan and I’m sorry about the legs…

If you want to reach me, email steemshark@gmail.com

Twitter:  @eoscafe (follow for updates)

Steemit: @buildfreedom

Reddit: user/buildfreedom

Telegram: @freedomengineer

eos.cafe discord server: https://discord.gg/hWfFbGG (join for BEANS tokens)