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We are a global EOS community - changing the world one coffee at a time.

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We Are EOS Cafe

EOS Cafe is a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC) that is owned by and guided by owners of BEANS. Our goal is to harness the power of EOS to provide education, infrastructure and decentralized applications to enrich the global EOS ecosystem.

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What We Do

We’ve got everything you need to take your first step with EOS.


We directly fund innovative, fun and disruptive dApps in the EOS ecosystem that align with the values held by the EOS community.


We support local and global EOS hackathons to promote the adoption of EOS as the basis for Web 3.0.


We host EOS meetups across the globe, with previous meetups located in Canada, Nigeria and China.


We support proposals for increased security and scaling in the EOS network to promote the success of the ecosystem.


We develop dApps that enable the tokenization and distribution of physical and digital assets. We are currently advising SFEOS, a futuristic game based on the EOS blockchain that aims to allow the tokenization of game assets.


We develop online and real world collaboration spaces (Cafes!), in which EOS enthusiasts can meetup and build the future upon the exponential operating system. Our vision is to enable the general public to pay in EOS for common goods such as coffee to increase global adoption of EOS.

Our Block Producer Team

EOS Cafe is honoured to announce its partnership with EOS Calgary.

Troi Bryan

Head of Community Development

Troi Bryan is EOS Cafe Calgary BP's head of community development and the blockchain visionary behind our BP team. Troi has been an early adopter of Bitshares and STEEM, where he has been an active member in the community. With his love of coffee and the vision of building a distributed network of EOS Cafes across the world, Troi now looks forward to making the disruptive and liberating potential of EOS a reality.

Swandoyo Hartono

Head of Global infrastructure

Swandoyo is EOS Cafe Calgary BP's primary Systems Engineer and leads the efforts to build the BP infrastructure to join the upcoming test net and to be fully ready for main net launch. Swandoyo has previously spearheaded the systems development and administration of a High-Performance Computing Linux Cluster for air quality modelling and weather forecasting during his tenure at Golder Associates Ltd., a leading engineering design company.

Syed Jafri

Head of dApp Development

Syed is EOS Cafe Calgary BP's primary full-stack software developer, and leads the development of their dApp portfolio. Prior to EOS Calgary, Syed worked on multiple gaming projects in the Ethereum ecosystem as a solidity developer. With a technical background in Bioinformatics, Syed looks forward to spearheading the development of dApps utilizing AI, robotics and big data analytics.