One day, there will be millions of members of our distributed autonomous culture. Each will bring their own perspectives, creativity and ambitions. It is my hope, that a few core concepts will last, and that these ideas might be championed throughout our ‘distributed republic’.

The first, is that individual liberty is sacrosanct. The second, is that freedom is built. The third, is that we can construct the friendly and disruptive technology on the #eosio blockchain(s), that builds our freedom and launches the age of abundance.

An understanding of free-markets and voluntaryism is not required to benefit from the growth of the bean token economy, anymore than understanding the mechanics of a smart contract is required to be able to use a decentralized application.

Still, it is important to point out that the roots of this culture derive from a core belief in individual liberty and that the mechanics of our BEAN token economy only work because free-markets do.

The Invisible Barista

“Every individual… neither intends to promote the public interest, nor knows how much he is promoting it… he intends only his own security; and by directing that industry in such a manner as its produce may be of the greatest value, he intends only his own gain, and he is in this, as in many other cases, led by an invisible hand to promote an end which was no part of his intention.” ~ Adam Smith

The EOS Cafe D.A.C. and the BEAN Token Economy will launch in June without a central committee, a benevolent dictator, or even a democratic decision-making process.

People are going to wonder how it all works with nobody in charge, but it’s actually really simple. Starting on June 21, 2019… the ‘Invisible Barista’ is in charge.

If you have 21,042 BEAN tokens, you have 21,042 votes for the enterprises that you want to fund in the BEAN token economy.

Anything that we need, can be provided for by an enterprise. This website. The discord server. The EOS Cafe High Fidelity location. All of our future EOS Cafe locations. Anything that you can imagine… our ‘Invisible Barista’ will provide.

All members are free to vote for what they want by staking their tokens in the enterprises that they appreciate the most. The 5% staking rewards do not go to the token holder who stakes them, but instead, to the enterprise that the token holder stakes in.

The BEAN token economy is an absolute free-market and our only boss is this mythical being named the Invisible Barista.

The Market for Liberty‘ is a great book to describe how freedom works.