Swap BEANS for BEAN → english

Cambia BEANS por BEAN → spanish

BEANS를 BEAN으로 바꾸다 → korean

Tausch BEANS gegen BEAN → german

(english) Swap BEANS for BEAN

Hello Beaniks!

It’s been a long wait but the gateway for bitshares BEANS tokens to pass through to become BEAN tokens on EOS mainnet is now open.

The great migration can now begin. All of you early and loyal supporters of the EOS Cafe can now transfer your bitshares BEANS tokens to eos mainnet by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Find your bitshares passphrase.

Step 2: Open your bitshares openledger wallet. https://openledger.io

Step 3: Locate the BEANS tokens in your bitshares wallet.

(You may have to uncheck the box ‘Hide Unknown’ to see the BEANS.)

Step 4: Transfer 100% of your BEANS to the bitshares account eos-cafe,

There are two vital parts of step 4:

  1. Make sure that you transfer BEANS to this account: eos-cafe
  2. Be certain to include your 12 character EOS account name in the MEMO.

(If you do not include your 12 character EOS mainnet account name in the memo of the transaction then there is no way to cryptographically prove where the holder of the BEANS wants them to be directed)

Step 5: Fill out the BEANS to BEAN Migration Form which includes the Terms and Conditions for BEAN token holders to agree to.

– FAQ – Bitshares BEANS to EOS BEAN Migration

It is going to cost 0.1103 BTS (bitshares) to do the transaction and I do not have any bitshares!

Not a problem, Compadre. By the time that you read this, we may have already sent you 0.1103 BTS to your bitshares account. So now you have just enough.

How do I know that this is not some sort of a scam?

When we transferred you the 0.1103 BTS I did so with a memo that reads…

Swap your BEANS, visit eos.cafe/swap

If the website that you are currently reading these instructions on is https://www.eos.cafe/swap/ then it’s likely legit information.

How long do I have to wait for the actual BEAN tokens to show up in my EOS mainnet account?

Our goal is to keep the backlog to under 10 days. Meaning that you should receive your BEAN tokens on EOS mainnet less than 10 days after you send your BEANS to the eos-cafe account on bitshares.

When can I sell my BEAN tokens on a DEX?

We will announce our decentralized exchange partner(s) as they agree to take on the BEAN token market. It is possible that this market will open before the big airdrop on December 25th as a reward for those who have remained dedicated to EOS Cafe for what has been a long long while in crypto years.

What if I lost my bitshares passphrase and I cannot transfer my BEANS anywhere?!?!

We might be able to figure out that you own the BEANS on bitshares by cross-referencing data that your shared previously in the original drop of bitshares BEANS,  such as your telegram, your twitter, or your email.

This will be a lengthy process, as we expect that you will not be the only one in this predicament. However, please understand that we intend to first do the BEANS to BEAN Migration for all of the holders who do have access to their bitshares accounts before we help those who lost their access.

What if I do not have an EOS account to transfer get my BEAN tokens sent to?

There will be plenty of opportunity to get an account over the months ahead. Your BEANS can sit on bitshares safe and snug until you find a home for them on the EOS mainnet.

Join us on Discord

Hey, if you have any questions about the BEANS to BEAN token migration then ask us on our discord server in the channel #airgrab-skyhook