Real Freedom

True freedom allows for the development of creativity.

Freedom to be creative

We all have the ability to be creative.
Unfortunately, not everyone has access to it.
Those who are aware of their creative freedom are free to exercise it.
Those who feel there is a cost associated with it limit their capacity to use it.
Unless we choose not to, we are all free to construct our own world.
Unless we choose not to, we are all free to express ourselves creatively.
If I don’t want to be creative, I can choose not to be.
I have the ability to select my freedom, as well as the freedom to restrict it as much or as little as I like.
Everything that I am not linked to is no longer a part of me.
My Detachment gives me freedom.
My independence is defined by my awareness to the world in which I live.
My Sensitive Detachment is required for my Creative Freedom.

Freedom of Expression

Someone else does not provide or restrict freedom of speech.
It is achieved when my ‘Speech’ permits me to exercise my ‘Freedom.’
I achieve freedom of expression when I am no longer bound by what I say.
I have freedom of speech when my speech expresses my freedom.
When my speech shows my constraints, I have forfeited my right to free expression.
Limitations aren’t my truth, and they’ll keep me from achieving my goals.
Boundaries are not my truth, and they will restrict my liberty.
My speech restricts my freedom when I talk about my restrictions and constraints.
When I feel I have freedom of expression, I believe I have been given it and that it may be taken away from me.
When I understand that I have the right to free speech, I understand that my speech always liberates me because it is always an expression of my Truth.
I have complete freedom to tell my truth at any time.
I can only tell my Truth once I have discovered it.

Liberation of Thought

Freedom of Thought is required for me to speak my truth.
Most individuals believe that they are free to think anything they choose.
My capacity to think is constrained by my ability to recall prior events.
My capacity to connect with my ideas differs from my capacity to think.
It’s difficult to connect to thoughts that reflect my Truth.
Many people do not have access to intuitively inspired insights.
Few people have figured out how to reclaim their capacity to freely reveal naturally creative inspiration.
The reality of my creation is expressed via intuitively inspired disclosures.
My Truth is free and permits me to be free, but it does not manifest via reasonable thought.
Being free to think does not necessarily imply that I am free to think or that my ideas are free to flow.
My views regarding my lack of freedom and capacity to think are what limit my freedom of thinking and free flowing thoughts.
The lack of reality in my existence operates as a deterrent and a constraint to any notion of liberty.
Every concept of freedom brings with it the freedom of thought.

Action Independence

Few individuals believe in the right to act freely.
The majority of people feel that doing whatever you want, whenever you want, should not be permitted.
To this aim, every nation, community, religion, culture, creed, and civilisation has established rules and regulations controlling what Man is capable of and what he is not.
Within our society, we are only free to do what our society claims we are free to do.
We are only free to act in accordance with what our society’s consensus has determined to be proper and lawful behavior.
Our freedom to act is taken away when we act in a way that is perceived to be harmful to others.
Society believes that the only way for us to be free to act is for society to limit our freedom to act.
Normal behaviors are permitted, but aberrant actions are prohibited.
When new acts must first be examined and authorized, creativity is inhibited.
Acting on personal convictions is discouraged in favor of faith in a just society’s correct acts.
Freedom of action is not permitted in a just society.

The Freedom Reality

Freedom does not exist unless it is manifested.
The process of thought, word, and deed is used to create reality.
True freedom necessitates ‘freedom of thinking,’ ‘freedom of expression,’ and ‘freedom of action,’ in actuality.
My ideas create my beliefs, which become my actions’ behavior.
What is real to me is the experience that I have made for my Self via my thoughts, words, and actions.
I must first establish freedom in order to feel it.
I must first define freedom before I can build it.
To define freedom, I must first understand what it means to me.
I’ll be able to speak about freedom once I understand what it means to me.
I can realize it when I talk about freedom and know it to be my Truth.
When I become aware of my freedom, it becomes a reality that I can experience.
I know the Reality of My Freedom when I can experience the freedom of my reality.
That is true liberty.

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